Monday, November 4, 2013


Students are currently studying the U.S. Constitution beginning with Article I on the legislative branch.

EXTRA CREDIT: Why do you think Article I is so much longer than the other articles in the Constitution?  What do you think this means?


  1. i think it is longer because there is more to be said and probably a little more important so there is more documented to make good understanding about what it is talking about. -travisbranscome

  2. I think Article I is so much more longer than the other articles in the consitution because it describes the legislative branch, powers of congress, and info on elections. Also to the framers, Congress is the branch that is the most important. Article I defines both houses, and lists the powers of Congress, and its limitations.

  3. Well legislature is such a broad topic and there are many things within it whether it be rules, regulations, and the power each office has. It cover the executive, legislative (congress) and judicial each branch has its own set of rules and powers stating what they can and can not do because there is so much to cover it is longer. It analyzes each section and tells us the different regulations each branch has, the rules of the branch, and the rules of the people in each branch which are a LOT.

  4. Article I is so much longer than the other articles because they wanted to make sure that legislature has the right amount of power if there was to much wiggle room they would get to much power than bad things would happen.