Thursday, November 21, 2013

American History II

American History II students have been reading the Orwell classic, Animal Farm. They are coming to realize that the book is much more than a critique of farm life or even an analysis of communism.

EXTRA CREDIT: Discuss how this book relates to contemporary society. Its politics, political systems, or possibly the behavior of individuals when they acquire leadership positions.


  1. The book relates to our society today in the way that is describes the nature of humans when they are put in positions of power or when others take power over them. In our society today, there are people who, like the pigs, once they have some power, they keep pushing for more and more control. On the other side of the coin is the common people. In our society today, there are so many people who just accept the information that is fed to them through the news and don't question it. There are people who are of the mindset that they can't make a difference in the world or that their voice doesn't matter, so they just let other people take charge. This is similar to what the animals do when the pigs take over. Animal Farm relates to contemporary society in the way that it accurately describes human behavior in certain situations.

  2. Animal Farm is like society today in many ways. One major way animal farm is like our society is how much power one person can really have. Napoleon had control over everyone. He changed things in the rules and most of the animals didn't realize it. The rule changing reminds me of when some of the amendments were eventually changed. The main thing that is the same between society and animal farm is how Squealer also had control. One of the biggest parts in Animal Farm was when Squealer convinced the rest of the animals that Boxer was being taken care of and not being slaughtered. At this point, the animals were figuring out how bad and controlling the pigs really were.

  3. The book tells how people today are and how just one person in our goverment can mess everybody up and sooner or later that person will have to be taken out and replaced. +++++++TravisBranscome++++++++++

  4. This book relates to contemporary society because it shows how a person can change so much if they are given just a little power then they will really change to get a lot of power. Just like in the book animal farm Napoleon would lie to make it sound like he was a good leader so that he would keep all of his power.