Wednesday, January 1, 2014

American History I

American History I students have been studying the how slavery influenced the development of our country.

EXTRA CREDIT: How would you summarize how slavery influenced the course of our country's history?


  1. Slavery, though crappy, brought multiple different inventions that lead to the industries we have now and helped make America become an economic power. Slaves worked and their owners could profit greatly.

  2. Slavery helped bring us to an industrial revolution, and made us one of the more prominent powers in the world. Slaves helped us mass produce exports, and kept the economy running.

  3. Slavery helped the economy. If it wasnt for the slaves the south would had had a rough time to survive in the panic of 1857. There probably would be any civil rights movement.
    Ryan Pluid

  4. Slavery brought many great inventions which lead to the industrial revolution. it also helped make America become an economic power. Slaves worked so their owners could turn a big profit on slave labor.\
    Brayden Waldo

  5. Because American slavery was racially based, it set the stage for future racial tensions that are still present today. Slavery was used as the chief form of agricultural energy for the South, it strongly effected development of agricultural technology. Led to the rise of the Republicans as the anti-slavery party while the democrats ruled the South based on slavery.
    Caty Gondeiro