Sunday, March 23, 2014

American History II

American History II students are completing their unit on 9-11. As part of this unit, they have watched recently, "Restrepo" about troops in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan.

EXTRA CREDIT: How would you describe a major theme in this film?  Explain your answer.


  1. I think one of the main themes was the cost of war. "Restrepo" was an area named after a soldier who was killed there during deployment. We also hear the names of other soldiers who were killed, and even are witness to a Sergent killed. It's not just the Americans who suffer losses though, we also see the devastating effect of an air strike on a home in a village. We see injured women and children standing around as the Americans go through looking for weapons. At one point man stands in silence holding a small injured child in his hands, and the pain he feels. Both sides face losses, the Americans and the Taliban. Another theme is unseen enemy we never see the Taliban. The have a shoot and scoot tactic it seems shooting from valleys and hiding in the terrain. They always know where the Americans are but we never truly know where they are. It really stresses how hard that war was and how much of a disadvantage we were at but it demonstrates how we never gave up and kept going.

  2. In my own opinion I think the major theme of this film was to stay strong and fight on. This video had shown so many men dying; whether they were friends or not. These men had a hard time with seeing people all around them dying. They had to keep moving on and not let this sight distract them for what they were sent to do, fight for their country.

  3. When watching this film I think the main theme would have to be America no matter what the conditions we stay strong even with fellow friends dying all around them. It just gave than that much more of a will to get these horrible people stoped no matter what it takes. That is why they even named an area after one of there friends "Restrepo"