Friday, May 16, 2014

American History II

American History II students are discussing the Holocaust.  Its causes, major events, etc.

EXTRA CREDIT:  Discuss the causes of the Holocaust and how they relate to each other.


  1. The evolution of Anti-Semitism became racial in the 19th century. Following the evolution, communism came into play (founded by Karl Marx). Because Marx had been Jewish, people began to relate communism with the Jews. Before Hitler entered the war, he was an artist. In many ways an artist's mind may differ from that of the typical view of society. To elaborate, (in my eyes) artists seem very much more aware of darkness and also light. In turn there are many decisions made by an artist that determine his or her fate.

    Hitler had been rejected by academies involving art more than once before joining the German army. There he became comfortable with himself and found a sense of belonging. He would also listen to anti-Semitic speakers who tended to have negative views towards Jews. This included blaming them for the entire war. Eventually this rebellion would land him in jail for a total of six years.

    After getting out of jail Hitler would rise in power. Through this rise he would use his artistic perspective as a strategy for mass murder.

  2. There are a couple of major causes of the Holocaust, probably the most major is the rise of Hitler. Hitler brought to fruition his philosophy of building a pure,Aryan race and this in of itself is the holocaust. Though it is debatable the Holocaust may not have even happened had Hitler not rose to power and given the large amount of Antisemitism in Germany a voice. Though it is possible to go back even further to just after WWI and the economic depression that swept through Germany and the hardships they faced. This depression led to a large amount of the Antisemitism that the German people had as the Jews were used as a scapegoat for this depression and even blamed for the loss of the war. Such as WWI also attributed to the large amount of Antisemitism, it also led to the creation of many forms of torture, killing and weapons of mass killing that helped lead to the holocaust. For if these tools for mass killing and the Dehumanization of people had not come about as an after effect of WWI the Germans may not have had these ways to perform their mass killings.